Jacob Jessen

Things That Reside

2. maj 2014
25. maj 2014

Things that reside

Jacob Jessen

02.05.14 – 25.05.14 

This show is from the inside and out. The pieces in the show are made out of objects of mine, and objects that either have been residing in space or have been built to reside in space. Things very close and some things distant.

Through the years different pieces of iron have entered my life, and somehow taken up residence here. And through the years I have reconsidered their importance, moved them around from place to place and thus contributed to our mutual history – the pieces of iron and mine. And slowly they have become a part of my life. They have no technical and no aesthetic function here. Apparently they are only relics of the time passed and life lived, a history of specific moments of which I know little. Some of them come from far away and have been around for a long time.

It made me think about what it means to reside if you are an object or become one. To take up residence. I then constructed a series of objects that were specifically built to reside somewhere else than here, like sattelites. I responded the iron. And I’ve decided to exhibit them all.