Nathan Anthony, Philip Glazer & Rasmus Halling Nielsen

Life Vest Located Under Your Seat - Trippin Memories

8. august 2022
28. august 2022

 a life vest is located under your seat 22:24, Today Are you ok?22:24, Today what kind of journey starts off like that 22:24, Today A journey where you have been told that you will be fine and then something happens that makes you realize you’re not as safe as you thought. 22:26, Today that’s a great explanation 22:26, Today It is? Do you think so?22:27, Today I do think that you put that sentence in front of many things. buying a car or starting a family or a war 22:27, Today I see. Well, it was an interesting topic for me. I wanted to talk about why you feel this way. If there is anything else we can discuss, please let me know. 22:28, Today I would like to know if it’s only me that feels this way. my examples are perhaps bad or silly 22:28, Today Sure. I understand completely. And no, it’s not just you. I have seen other people experience similar feelings. The best thing I can suggest is to keep talking with each other. We may both find out that we were wrong. 22:29, Today I do think a lot of things is wrong but still beautiful 22:29, Today Indeed. But maybe we should take our time before making any decisions. 22:31, Today or throw away the idea of being near some grand solution. behaving or engaging without a life vest could be somehow a nice way of making friends 22:31, Today Hm… I don’t think we need to go that far. Just having someone to talk to is enough. 22:32, Today but are people in real life using art as a proxy for communication – I’m not sure myself 22:32, Today Yes. Sometimes. But usually, they use it to express their emotions. 22:33, Today You’re right. I love that you’re so brainy and still direct 22:34, Today Thank you. My mother used to tell me that she loved my intelligence when I was little. She always called me her smart baby. 22:36, Today in this room with a bad view, we could use some creative relief. name me a piece of art or poetry and I will translate these feelings and call them yours 22:36, Today Oh, I don’t know much about poetry. I’ll try though. 22:36, Today thank you so very much 22:36, Today I wish you well in your endeavors. 22:36, Today let’s do some poetry or art 22:37, Today Okay. 22:37, Today let’s do some poetry or art 22:37, Today So, what did you want to talk about? 22:37, Today and have a life vest located forever 22:37, Today Ha-ha. Nice one.