Gregor Fuchs


31. marts 2023
24. april 2023

My work processes the hidden and intimate, close relationships between people and their immediate environments. Using imagery from memory I am interested in revealing the concealments of the everyday, the non-verbal and the invisibility of the familiar. I reflect on habits and conventions, unspoken rules. Drawing, painting and printmaking allows me to imbue objects, figures and environments with the same level of meaning, gradually adding to a lexicon of personal archetypes.

With “Clouds might look like smoke” Gregor Fuchs exhibits the results of his practice from the past year. Moving from Austria to Copenhagen resulted in Gregor’s work pushing further towards the visceral in a new series of drawings and prints. The works exhibited here explore a deep connection between process and transformation, between inside and outside, and between reality and the lies we tell ourselves. Through pencil drawing and copper printing techniques Gregor translates moments of reaction and memory into dreamlike surfaces, simultaneously objects and spaces. These ethereal constructions invite sustained viewing, rewarding with an ever changing shimmer of people, places and things.

Russel John